Market District Development

Market District Development LLC came about as a natural intersection of interests between Dwelling Development, led by Eric Richards, and Folia Group with Harry, Brent and Rob Beecham. While developing and building Adair Park in Woodstock, Georgia, Richards and the Beechams found common interest in high quality, walkable mixed-use.  The shared commitment to excellence of design and construction, and vision to create a development company around these values.  In an effort to operationalize the new company, the Beechams called upon a longtime friend, Greg Swayne, whose vast experience in building organizations, creating process, and accountability would ensure long term success.

This new company was built around mutual respect of each other’s capabilities, with each partner covering a critical piece of the business.  From the vast construction experience of Harry Beecham with over 60 years of construction, to the development vision of Rob Beecham, to the capital raising capabilities of Eric Richards, to the organizational excellence of Greg Swayne, to the leadership experience and commitment to excellence of Brent Beecham, the team covers the necessary experience for success.

Our core team, also brings a wealth of connections across a broad spectrum of talent required to pull off complex mixed-use developments.  Our circles encompass vast connections in commercial/residential real estate, restaurant owners/chefs, construction, equity sources, and work-share, among others.  The ecosystem created by our team and extended team ensures success.

Together we deliver a vision that exceeds the visual created by the architects and engineers.  The attention to detail demanded by our team, permeates throughout the organization.  Tempered by strong management and financial controls, Market District Development expects success at every level.

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